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Meet Alyssa Stanek, your go-to realtor in Westfield, New Jersey! With a passion for real estate and a deep understanding of the local market, Alyssa is dedicated to helping sellers achieve their goals. Whether it's staging, marketing, or negotiating, she's got the skills to make your selling experience a breeze.

Preparing to Sell

Your Home

When it’s time to sell your home, quick decisions are key, and that’s where your realtor comes in! Getting your home ready for potential buyers is crucial. You’ve got two staging options: professional or DIY. Alyssa will guide you to the best choice for your budget, ensuring your home transforms into an irresistible property that appeals to buyers. Let’s make your home a real showstopper!



When it comes to selling your home, determining the perfect listing price is key, and Alyssa will be by your side every step of the way. She’ll walk you through the process of establishing your property’s market value and securing the highest price to attract serious buyers, ensuring your success as a seller. Alyssa’s top priority is crafting the best pricing strategy for your unique situation. By thoroughly analyzing your home’s upgrades and distinctive features, she’ll help you assess its standing in the marketplace. Expect a comprehensive market evaluation based on local sales data, giving you the confidence to make the right decision. Let’s find the ideal price for your home!



Your Home

Westfield, New Jersey is a popular place to call home, and in the competitive housing market of the region, making your property shine is essential. That’s where Alyssa comes in. She’ll create a tailor-made marketing plan just for you, combining local real estate insights, online marketing prowess, and her extensive network of top agents in Westfield, New Jersey. The goal is simple: maximize exposure and attract the most qualified buyers in the market. With Alyssa’s wide reach, your property is sure to capture the attention of the perfect prospects. Get ready for an exceptional selling journey!

Amplifying Sale Through


In the ever-growing market, millennials are the key buyers, and Alyssa understands their unique preferences. She’s well-versed in tech-driven strategies, connecting effectively with this demographic through her strong social media presence and targeted online marketing tools. With Alyssa, you gain a significant advantage in showcasing your home to serious millennial buyers. Get ready to captivate the right audience and make your property stand out!



No need to worry about the overwhelming process, Alyssa’s got your back! Understanding your goals and timeline, she’ll keep everything on track and guide you step by step. With clear communication, Alyssa explains written offers in plain language, empowering you to make informed decisions that align with your best interests. You’re in capable hands every step of the way!



When it comes to negotiations, having an expert on your side is a game-changer, and Alyssa is that expert! With over a decade of experience in both entrepreneurship and real estate, she knows all the tricks and the right strategies to secure the highest sale price for you. From working with the buyer’s agent to advocating for your interests, Alyssa will ensure you come out on top while optimizing the deal on your terms. Get ready for a successful transaction with Alyssa by your side!

After Sale


When Alyssa helps you sell your home, it’s not the end of her support! Unlike most realtors, she goes above and beyond. After closing, she ensures your interests are protected, oversees the deed transfer, and takes care of your post-selling needs. Alyssa keeps meticulous records for your peace of mind. With her comprehensive approach and top-notch customer service, you can expect a high rate of return on your sale. Choose Alyssa Stanek, and congratulations on a successful home selling journey!

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