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Scotch Plains

Scotch Plains

Scotch Plains might well be one of the best townships in the New Jersey area. Some of the reasons why this is such a lovely area to live in are its excellent schooling system, wonderful open spaces whether they be parks or open country, and charming downtown area. The homes on sale in Scotch Plains are not only beautiful but the prices provide excellent value, from entry-level homes as well as more luxurious options. It’s close to New York and many downtown areas, and getting to and from these areas is easy.

Here we’ll explore Scotch Plains, its homes for sale and the life to be lived here to give you a better sense of what makes the township such a draw for homebuyers. Maybe, Scotch Plains is the location that ticks all the right boxes and a place you can call home.

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Overview of Scotch Plains, NJ


The township is located within Raritan Valley in Union County and covers an area of roughly 10 square miles. To the southwest is Westfield and to the north, you’ll find Edison. Being only 32 miles from Manhattan has made Scotch Plains a great location for commuters who want to live outside the noise, frenetic energy, and outrageous housing costs of New York yet still be close enough to make work travel viable. Newark is even closer being only 15 miles away and will take under 30 minutes to get to via US-22 W.

Brief History

The first known inhabitants in the area that would become Scotch Plains were the Leni Lenape Native Americans with European settlers arriving in the early to mid 17th century. The later part of the century saw an influx of Scottish Quakers led by George Scot, from which, it is believed, the name Scotch Plains derives.

Throughout much of its post-European settlement history, Scotch Plains was a farming community and development was slow. This is not to say that the area has always been idyllic and tranquil. Indeed, the area has seen much in its 300 including events around the Revolutionary War. Scotch Plains was initially resistant to a railroad passing through in 1838 but progress would come with the railroad being built in Fanwood.

The early 20th century brought an influx of Italian immigrants to the area. Many were skilled craftsmen and brought improvements to masonry, carpentry, and plumbing in the area. But it wasn’t until after the 2nd World War in the 1950s and 60s that the township grew in size and development.

Today, Scotch Plains has 25,000 residents living in a community that celebrates and venerates its past but looks keenly and confidently to its future.

Scotch Plains, Homes for Sale

Homes for sale in Scotch Plains

There are some great homes for sale in Scotch Plains, NJ especially when it comes to single-family homes.

At the higher end of the spectrum, homes will be priced between $1.5M to $2M for a luxury home. You can expect a large number of beds, you’re looking at 5-6 at this price point with the same number of baths. You can also expect immaculate finishing and design throughout the house, with high-end appliances fitted into well-designed kitchen areas. Bear in mind that at this price point, you are also looking at owning a considerable amount of land with the lot size ranging anywhere between 1-2  acres.

At the more modest end of the market, at around the $750,00 mark, you’re still looking at 3 beds and 3 baths. With space never really an issue in Scotch Plains, you’ll likely have a garage that can accommodate 2 vehicles, a large sq ft for the house itself, and even a considerable amount of lot space.

When you buy a home for sale in Scotch Plains, NJ you will likely have much more home than you may have expected. Homes in this area are known for being spacious. It’s also very likely that your home will be set in beautiful natural surroundings, with large open spaces and greenery all around.

Living in Scotch Plains

Cost of Living

Homes for sale in Scotch Plains

While Scotch Plains is a very desirable place to live, it’s also a very affordable place in terms of cost of living. In an index where the national average for overall living costs was set at 100, Scotch Plains scored 129.5. This score was also higher than the average for New Jersey, which came in with a score of 119.8. However, these figures are a little misleading without context.

A deeper look into how the numbers break down shows that in most categories, living in Scotch Plains is actually comparable to most other places in the US. Groceries scored 107.3 compared to the national 100, utilities 104, and health care came in at cheaper than the national average at 97.5.

Where the difference is most apparent is in housing costs. The median price of a home in Scotch Plains is twice that of the national average. This does show how sought after this area is and while twice the cost does sound high, bear in mind that Scotch Plains is traditionally a sellers market, and demand here far outstrips supply. There is incredible value in homes for sale in Scotch Plains and this is before you factor in all the other benefits the area provides.

Getting Around

Homes for sale in Scotch Plains

While most residents in Scotch Plains own their own vehicles and many families have more than one, there are other options to get around and to and from Scotch Plains. There’s Fanwood Station which is easily accessible from almost anywhere in Scotch Plains. There’s also a very good bus system that has many stops within the township itself and to further destinations.


The township offers an excellent schooling system with a total of 33 schools in Scotch Plains, 17 of them being private schools. The schools in the area have a reputation for their rigorous academic programs as well as a strong focus on physical well being and many of the schools specialize in sports.  

Some notable elementary schools in the area include:

A couple of good options for Middle School include:

For high school, some choices are:

If you prefer to go the private route, just a couple of choices are:

Whether families choose the very good schools run by the school district or one of the private options, they can be assured that their children will be provided with a great education.


Stone House at Sterling Ridge

While this establishment is not strictly in Scotch Plains, it certainly deserves a mention. Only 15 minutes away from Scotch Plains is Stone House, an establishment that is as elegant as it is welcoming. This place is a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds. First, the building itself is gorgeous and the minute you see it, you know you’re in for a treat. The food which is American with a strong French influence, is masterfully presented, and of course, delicious. Drinks are expertly crafted and well-curated.

Stage House Tavern

For a place that is more likely to be a regular spot to visit, try Stage House Tavern. Prices here are more reasonable than at Stone House, and the overall feel is more relaxed and casual. There’s a strong welcome for the community here with Wednesday dinner free for kids from the kid’s menu. Live music features on many nights and throughout the week there’ll be different events, so there’s always a reason to come, and not just for the food.

Darby Road Restaurant

This establishment is about fun, food, and friends. More than just a sports bar, it’s a place where friends and family (including kids) can sit down and enjoy classic American food with some select dishes from other regions to keep the menu varied. Founded by two local boys who share a love of sports and good food, Darby Road has a ton of character and is a true local favorite.  


When it comes to shopping, residents of Scotch Plains have their choice of nearby shopping plazas and malls. There’s the Blue Star Shopping Center, Olympia Plaza, and the Echo Plaza Shopping Center, just to name a few of the spots where residents can shop.

For something a little more specialized and communal, just go to the main shopping district on Park Avenue and East Second Street, and you’ll find many delightful local boutiques as well as eateries.

Bear in mind that New York and Newark are both so close that they also become feasible shopping destinations should you be looking to make more of a day of it with a visit to the city.  


If you enjoy golf you have two excellent choices of where to tee off. There’s the Ash Brook Golf Course which is only 8  minutes from the center of Scotch Plains. This public golf course has just finished a major renovation to its 72-par, Alfred Tull-designed golf course. It also has a new clubhouse complete with a restaurant as well as upgraded facilities for guests.

There’s also The Scotch Hills Country Club, another public source that’s only 5 minutes away from the center of Scotch Plains. Formerly known as Shady Rest Golf Course, this 9-hole course has been a staple in the community for decades.

While these courses are the closest in the vicinity, not too far away you’ll be able to enjoy many other courses.

Cultural spots

As mentioned, Scotch Plains has had a long and storied history. One of the best places to get a feel and learn more about the area is to visit the charming Osborn Cannon Ball House Museum. Not only is the museum itself a preservation of the architecture of an important period (The Revolutionary War), but it has seen so much of what has passed in the area. While not a big museum, it certainly can bring the memories of the past into vibrant life.


There is a strong sense of community in Scotch Plains and throughout the year you’ll find a large number of local events that not only are great fun but also help bring the community together. A quick look at the yearly Calendar of Scotch Plain events shows how full it is, and this is just the events published by the local township. You’ll find Line Dancing, Yoga, Plant Swapping, and Hip Hop events just to name a few.

As you may already suspect, this township will have celebrations for holiday events and you and your family can partake in Easter Egg Hunts, and come Christmas there’s a heartwarming Christmas Tree Lighting. There’s even a slightly competitive home decoration competition during the holiday period.  

One of the larger festivals is the Annual St Barts/Unico Italian Festival which has been held since 1974. Of course, there’s going to be great food and lots of it. There’s also music, rides, and games, so the whole community gets to enjoy, whether they are of Italian heritage or not.

Farmers Market

Held every Saturday on Park Avenue, this market hasn’t just sprung up as a need for Scotch Plains to have a Farmers Market. As with many things here, there’s history. This market has been serving the community for over 30 years. Hosting the best vendors in the region, the market is fun, has great produce, and is a vital event that the community loves.  

Partner with Alyssa for Homes in Scotch Plains

When you partner with me, Alyssa Stanek, you get access to some of the finest homes for sale in Scotch Plains, NJ. For sellers, you get full and dedicated representation. As a top-producing agent, I know what it takes to ensure that my clients have the success in the market they deserve. All of this is done with my clients’ interests front and center, and with an approach that makes the buying or selling journey a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Homes for sale in Scotch Plains

You can reach me at 201.888.3507 or send me an email here. You can also send your real estate inquiries here. I can’t wait to start working with you.

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