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Spotlight on 8 Westfield, NJ neighborhoods: The best places to live

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Located about 16 miles southwest of Manhattan in Union County, NJ, Westfield is a charming town known for its vibrant downtown area, first-rate school system, and enticing real estate options. The town’s proximity to New York City makes it a superb choice for those seeking a laid-back suburban setting with easy access to businesses, attractions, and big city amenities.

Those looking for single-family homes for sale in Westfield, NJ can choose from a varied selection of residences, many with an array of top-quality features and stunning Colonial and Victorian architecture reflecting the town’s rich historical character. With its prime location, idyllic setting, award-winning downtown, and abundance of parks, attractions, and recreational venues for all ages, Westfield offers an unmatched quality of life for those looking for the perfect place to call home.

Interested in single-family homes for sale in Westfield, NJ? Before starting your search, you want to find the perfect location that matches your lifestyle. Here’s a closer look at some of the finest neighborhoods in Westfield.


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  1. Wychwood

    Wychwood is one of Westfield’s most desirable neighborhoods, established in the 1920s, back when Westfield was starting to take shape as a haven for New York City travelers.

    Nestled in Westfield’s northeast section and flanked by Echo Lake Park, the neighborhood is highly coveted because of its picturesque setting with serene tree-lined streets, lush manicured lawns, and relaxing countryside scenery. The community offers easy access to Wilson Elementary School and amenities like Echo Lake Park and the Echo Lake Country Club.

    Wychwood features some of the most impressive single-family homes for sale in Westfield, NJ, with many residences featuring elegant architectural styles like Dutch Colonial, Georgian, Mission Revival, and Tudor.

  2. The Gardens

    The Gardens is a historic neighborhood offering an outstanding quality of life for residents with its stately homes, serene gardens, and prime location close to Franklin Elementary and Roosevelt Intermediate.

    Originally developed in the early 20th century as a commuter suburb for New York City, the neighborhood is designed with a unique layout with streets flowing outward from a central hub to create a series of pocket gardens.

    Those looking for homes in this sought-after community in Westfield will be able to choose from a diverse assortment of grand residences including Colonial Revival, Tudor, and Norman-style estates, many equipped with a variety of first-rate features.

  3. Indian Forest

    Indian Forest provides a laid-back setting minutes away from the vibrant downtown area. This highly desirable Westfield neighborhood is one of the sections named after the Lenni-Lenape Native Americans, Westfield’s original inhabitants, along with Lenape Park, Mindowaskin Park, and Tamaques Park.

    Indian Forest is close to some of Westfield’s most renowned schools including Franklin Elementary and Roosevelt Intermediate. For residents who love spending time outdoors, scenic recreational destinations like Brightwood Park and Mindowaskin Park are nearby.

    Indian Forest is home to a mix of enticing real estate options including comfortable apartments, amenity-filled condos, and spacious single-family homes.

  4. Stoneleigh Park

    Stoneleigh Park is a pleasant, family-friendly neighborhood with a charming, early 20th century feel. Located in south-central Westfield flanked by Rahway Avenue and Westfield Avenue, the neighborhood was developed in the early 1900s and was listed in 1988 as a National Historic Place.

    Developers utilized the area’s idyllic natural setting to attract civic leaders, affluent businessmen, and professionals looking for a tranquil community close to New York City. Stoneleigh Park originally consisted of about 30 single-family residences located along a looped avenue surrounded by soaring trees and lush forested landscapes. Some of the original homes still stand to this day, some with renovated interiors to fit a modern lifestyle while still preserving the elegant Colonial Revival-style exteriors.

    Stoneleigh Park is an excellent choice for buyers looking for luxurious single-family homes for sale in Westfield, NJ. The neighborhood offers easy access to downtown Westfield and Westfield High School and features a selection of enticing residences offering a seamless blend of privacy, comfort, and functionality.

  5. Downtown: Dudley Ave., Kimball Ave., Westfield Ave., Summit Ave., and the Boulevard

    East Dudley Ave., West Dudley Ave., and Kimball Ave. offer a convenient location with easy access to downtown, Franklin Elementary, and Roosevelt Intermediate.

    Westfield’s most prominent streets feature a wealth of stylish and elegant real estate options typically consisting of Colonials and Victorians constructed at the turn of the last century and into the 1920s. Many residences here are designated historical properties by the Westfield Historical Society and are typically large homes on sprawling lots north of the downtown area. These homes are in demand due to their timeless beauty and elegance, serving as stunning examples of the period during which they were constructed and giving them a historical charm that many Westfield residents cherish and preserve.

    A wide selection of properties sharing the same charm, sophistication, and refined architecture can also be found along Westfield Ave., Summit Ave., and the historical Boulevard district, which are located south of downtown and the train. These streets run perpendicular to the train line and lead to the train station.

    Many homes on Westfield Ave., Summit Ave., and the Boulevard are spacious and exquisitely designed, exuding historical grandeur with distinguished Colonial and Victorian architectural styles. They are conveniently located within walking distance to the train, parks, playgrounds, schools, and downtown shops, which makes them excellent transition neighborhoods for those looking to relocate from the city’s busier urban neighborhoods.

  6. Tamaques School District: South Side

    Developed later in Westfield’s history, this community is characterized by scenic streets, stylish and well-built homes, and a friendly, close-knit neighborhood atmosphere.

    Tamaques Elementary School is located near the sprawling Tamaques Park, a 106-acre park home to several sports courts and fields, picnic areas, and walking/jogging paths. Although it’s located a bit further away from the downtown area, it is considered one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Westfield due to the high quality of life it offers.

  7. Washington School District: North Side

    The Washington School District is celebrated for its convenient location, selection of beautiful homes, and unmistakable sense of community.

    One of Westfield’s most renowned communities extends from downtown Westfield, stretching east to Springfield Ave., and from East Broad, all the way south to North Ave. Washington School District is a terrific choice for home buyers looking for a vibrant location close to the downtown area and the train. The area is a very popular choice with families as well due to its proximity to Washington Elementary School, winner of the prestigious Blue Ribbon Award.

    The neighborhood offers a varied assortment of impressive homes, from the sprawling Colonials and Victorians built at the turn of the century through the 1920s near downtown to contemporary homes built over the last several decades.

    Washington School District retains a small-town atmosphere within the larger town. Many enjoy the convenience, the lifestyle, and the strong sense of community offered by the neighborhood. Many residents will upgrade from their first home to a larger home and insist on remaining within this community.

  8. Jefferson and McKinley School Districts

    Like other neighborhoods in Westfield, the Jefferson and McKinley School Districts offer an exceptional lifestyle and a tight-knit community atmosphere.

    Both Jefferson and McKinley Elementary Schools are located in Westfield’s south section. Jefferson Elementary School is farther from downtown Westfield, while McKinley Elementary School is closer to downtown and the train station.

    These areas are so desirable, many families will wait years for the right home to come to market within these neighborhoods due to their established roots and the unparalleled quality of life offered.

    Live your dream lifestyle in Westfield today! Start by browsing the finest properties available today by visiting this page.


Westfield downtown

When you’re in the market for a new residence, your choice of neighborhood impacts your overall happiness and quality of life. You can change nearly everything in your home, but you can’t do anything about its location.

Below are some tips to help you find the right neighborhood.

Evaluate your needs and preferences

Before you shortlist potential neighborhoods, think carefully about you and your family’s current lifestyle, and what you’re looking for in your next neighborhood.

For example, a family with young children will want different amenities in their ideal neighborhood than retirees seeking a more relaxed pace of life. Take note of any nearby shops, restaurants, parks, services, and other attractions to find a neighborhood that fits your goals. You can also check if the neighborhood you’re considering has a homeowners’ association to get information on perks that will be covered by your dues, like a fitness gym, clubhouse, swimming pool, or playground.


Gather information on the safety of a neighborhood by talking to local residents. Get in touch with local law enforcement to get additional insights on burglaries and the like and if there are community-based initiatives in place.

You can also search for online resources that provide reviews and safety ratings for neighborhoods to get additional perspectives.


You can gauge a neighborhood’s walkability by taking a closer look at several factors. Are the sidewalks well-maintained? Are there enough streetlights to make it safer for walking at night? Also check the area for well-marked crosswalks, trees along sidewalks, parks and green spaces, and pedestrian amenities like water fountains and benches.

Commute time

The distance between your home and workplace matters, especially if you plan to commute every day.

The best way to estimate your average commute time is to conduct a test run during peak hours. Head to the neighborhood you’re considering and then time how long it’ll take to drive to your workplace.

If you rely on public transportation to get around, then accessibility to transit options will be an important factor. Take time to research online and get information from local transit authorities to ensure your neighborhood offers easy access to where you need to go.

Some important details to look into are the cost. distance to the nearest bus or commuter train line, if you’ll need to make multiple changeovers and the duration of your regular trips.

Local businesses

Grocery stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues are some of the most common establishments people look for when they’re considering a neighborhood.

They don’t necessarily have to be within walking distance – a short drive away will be fine. Just take note of how long it’ll take to drive to these spots and what hours and days they’re open so you can plan accordingly.

Future developments

It’s important to determine what your neighborhood might be like over the next several years. One of the best ways to do this is to find the local planning office and get information on upcoming developments in the area.

While there might not be any changes that directly impact your neighborhood, any form of development can alter an area’s overall look and feel. For example, if your neighborhood is surrounded by open space or there’s a large empty field nearby, developers might use that for more houses or commercial establishments at some point. It’s worth finding out whether there are upcoming plans to purchase and develop areas surrounding a community.


Westfield listing house

SOLD IN WESTFIELD, NJ: A gorgeous 5-bed, 4.5-bath home on a 0.31-acre lot

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